Maybe there still are people who think that Cat collars are nothing but a whim; however, is that a correct approach?!
Our KittyKit team is coming to land a helping hand and tell you why it is crucial for your cat to wear a collar; we are also offering you a wide variety of options to choose from, according to your preferences and personal practicality.
Cat collars do not represent a fancy accessory for your cat to draw attention upon them – getting accessorized for attention is a thing for humans, as cats do it naturally, isn’t so? -, but they are very important items that surpass the level of aesthetics. A Cat Collar is a means of identification for your pet.
Surveys have shown that lost cats have returned to their owners in less than two percent of the cases, so the situation is dramatic.
And, even if your cat spends most time indoors, it is not totally safe. Just imagine a natural disaster taking place, such as a major earthquake that can take down an entire city – like it has recently happened in many parts of the world -, or a fire, or anything else that can cause major damage.
Pets and especially small-framed ones, like cats, have strong survival instincts and can find shelter in the most unimaginable corners and potholes, so, in case of an earthquake, chances they survive for a long time in critical circumstances are high.
This is only one example, but the same thing can happen in case of flooding, hurricanes, explosions, fire etc.
But before an apocalyptic scenario comes to reality, more common things can occur: you can forget a window or a door randomly open and your frisky quadruped will be struck by curiosity and will want to explore the surroundings or its hunter’s instincts will suddenly come out in case they get distracted by a bird, mouse or butterfly and, next thing you know, your friend is nowhere in sight, all puzzled and scared, stuck in the middle of the hectic traffic and totally unable to find its way back.
So, by providing your cat the proper collar, you will help it find the way back home.
This is the most simple and efficient method to save your pet’s life, especially that the looks of it will make people have a different attitude towards your pet that will not be treated like a stray animal – too often in a negative and unfair way!
If you finally realized how important – if not thoroughly vital – a Cat Collar is for your cat’s wellbeing, now you have to convince your cat of the same thing. If they aren’t small kittens, it might be a bit difficult persuading them to wear one, but if you have experience with cats – or any other animal, for that matter -, you will instinctively know how to manage: do it gradually, let your furry friend get used to it little by little, don’t force your willpower upon your pet, otherwise you will create a conflict between you and a lot of frustration for the cat. Place the collar around its neck for a few minutes at first, and if the cat doesn’t seem to object, leave it for more. Then take it off and reward your friend with a tasty treat. Repeat the procedure for a few days in a row, until it becomes a routine. Your pet will associate wearing the Cat Collar with a positive and pleasing thing, will accept the Cat Collar and will get used to it quickly.
In the beginning, avoid any noisy devices hung on the Cat Collar, such as jingles or hanging tags than can make noise that will distract and annoy both of you. Try a collar with a tag that is embodied on its surface. You will be able to write the cat’s name and your phone number and / or address on the tag.
ATTENTION! Do not forget to change the contact data on the tag in case you change your phone number and / or address!
KittyKit has various types of Cat Collars , especially manufactured for the best utility, comfort and safety of your cat, from adjustable kitten collars, to reflective Cat Collars that glow in the dark, in more than 14 colors and different fabrics (from real leather to soft-weave elastic or flexible rubber). It is up to you what you decide, but remember that this little item might save your friend’s life!

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