The SSS has announced that they have a secret. They have proposed that they will be unleashing the world’s first SUPER SAPIEN SUIT, between late 2016 early 2017. The tech conglomeration also has announced a secret stash of tech will be released to retailers world wide very soon to supply consumers with the goods. SSS inc has prepared for several years to release the world’s first cyborg clothing to the intelligent-sapiens of this planet. Our international tech community has been waiting for a suit, the engineers of SSS have promised to ship out a suit to stores before next autumn. A prototype advertisement schedule will be initialized and administered with media outlets and several company websites that SSS owns as well. Robo-engineers around the world are extremely excited, they expect the cyborg suit company to release clothing with some pretty great features. Anti-radiation is the key to all standard 21st century clothing companies. The world’s standard in developing clothing has evolved to a more protected, advanced playing field. SSS inc. will be releasing a barrage of advanced anti-radiation tech, mostly clothing. SSS will be the first corporation of human history to implement laws or political rules for the entire clothing industry. The brand will be a must have, a brilliant i.p.o. for investors to sink there teeth into, an elaborately classy incorporation that reels in the bacon. The greatest clothing line ever invented is what every clothing designer & critic will proclaim about this multi-billion dollar monster. The enterprise also makes robots and tech advanced buildings, they are excellent architects. SSS has a stable of brands and will be bringing 3 of the brands to the market to rule the world’s uniform code of tech. The Super Sapien Lab will go up in history as the world’s greatest clothing designer. The greatest tech ever has finally arrived. Every one is anxious to see the first generation of ingenuity.