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For people who are new in a multi-motor hobby, assembling their first ever quadcopter seems to be very intimidating. Trying to think about the things needed to be bought as well as the parts that will work together is a tough thing to do especially for those people who don’t have any background about radio controlled helicopters and planes. Forums are conducted for those people who want to build their own quadcopter.

The parts included in building a quadcopter includes frame, motor x4 or the electronic speed control x4, flight control board, radio receiver and transmitter, propeller x4 (2 counter-clockwise and 2 clockwise), battery and charger. Apart from that, miscellaneous things are also needed such as double-sided tape, zipties, Velcro, battery strap, small amount of heavy gauge wire and some jumper wires. Tools are also needed such as small screwdrivers, soldering iron, hex wrenches, and hot glue gun and needle-nose pliers.
Frame is very important in a quadcopter because it serves as the house of all the other parts. The things you need to consider here are the materials that you will use as well as the weight and size. Motor is also a vital part in building the quadcopter because its main purpose is to spin the propellers. There are lots of motors out in the market today that will fit perfectly for quadcopters.
The Esc or the electronic speed controls is a component telling how fast the motors will be especially in terms of spinning within a given time. You will need 4 of these speed controls for the quadcopter itself connected one by one in every motor. It is connected directly to the battery through power distribution board or through wiring harness. The flight controller is another essential part of a quadcopter because it serves as the brain of the quadcopter. It houses the sensors like the accelerometers and the gyroscopes in order to determine how fast each motors of the quadcopter’s spin.
The radio receiver and transmitter also allow a person to give control to the quadcopter. A quadcopter needs to have four propellers, two of them needs to spin in counter-clockwise and the other two needs to spin clockwise. Usually, a quadcopter makes use of a LiPo battery which comes in a variety of configurations and sizes. On the other hand, the battery needs to have battery charger. Because of the fact that charging LiPo batteries is a complex process because of the multiple cells it has within the battery, it should be charged and discharged in the same rate. Therefore, a balance charger is a must have.
The things stated above are the major components in order to build a quadcopter. When you already have those things, you can surely build your own quadcopter. As long as you follow the forums or instructions on the package, you can make your own in a quick and easy way.
Make sure that you have all the necessary parts and accessories in order for you to enjoy using your quadcopter.

DIY Quadcopter-How to build a quadcopter

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First step DIY build a RC 4Axis Multi quadcopter Total items include:

1.F450 Multi-Rotor Air Frame Flame Wheel KIT (bag)*1
2.A2212 1000KV Motor installed base 4
3.Xt-xinte 30A ESC *4
4.ESC Board *1
5.V2.3 Circuit board *1
6.Programmer Firmware Loader USB *1
7.1045 Propeller *2 pair
8.Xt-xinte 11.1V 2200mah 20c lipo battery *1

Relate wire
9.Charger+adapter * 1 set
10.Radiolink T6EHP-E 2.4G 6Ch Transmitter and Receiver*1
The second step do it yourself assemble for the whole set

DIY How to build a quadcopter