The British Academy For Training and Development (BATD) announced its 2016 plan where it expanded its scope of work to the Arab Gulf Countries (GCC). The plan includes providing the clients of the Academy thousands of training courses and consultancy services to the Arab countries in GCC and the wider Middle East.
According to Mr. Adam Wilson, chief of the Middle East Department at the Academy, more expansion is the new approach for this academic and training institution.
“As our base of clients is expanding, we now offer our courses in new languages such as Arabic and Spanish plus our first language, the English. We are getting thousands of requests from companies, public sector organisations and individuals to sign up for our courses. Most of those clients come from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain” said Mr. Wilson.
According to the planning section at the Academy, thousands of courses are held in 30 metropolitan cities and capitals and in different languages. The Academy is also intending to provide short Master and Diploma degrees in GCC.
Our clients in the Middle East can now browse our new Arabic website, www.batdacademy.com where all our services are now available.
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Website: www.batdacademy.org.uk
SOURCE British Academy For Training and Development (BATD)